Juil 25 -


  ♔ Sarah. 14 y/o. French. Hufflepuff.   ♥ Gossip Girl. One tree Hill. Plus belle la vie. Scène de ménage. American Dad. South Park. How I meet your mother. Simpsons. Misfits. Skins. One Liter of Tears. Hana Yori Dango.   ❀ Harry Potter. Percy Jackson. The Last Song. American Pie. A walk to remember. Ballet Shoes. Bandslam. Charlie St Cloud. Paranormal Activity. Disney movies.   ♫ Pixies. Snow Patrol. Elista. Lilly wood and the Prick. The Cardigans. The Kooks. Cat Power. Gaëtan Roussel. Mademoiselle K. Radiohead. Dirty Money. Tom Felton.   HUFFLEPUFF { wear }